In our client’s words, read about their experiences with our family law firm and divorce attorneys.

Thank you for representing me during the dissolution of my marriage . . . Thank you again for your professional assistance. I hope our paths may cross again under happier circumstances.

LD, Westport, CT

Thank you enormously for everything over the past year – from the professional services to the words of kindness and encouragement. I’m still in a little haze- been married so long I’m pinching myself – (“am I really divorced?”) and I’ll probably wrestle with what it means to be middle aged and single for a while yet it’s all good. And many of the reasons it’s all good is because of you – sticking your neck out to say seemingly the right things at the right time, managing to somehow be smart, firm, gentle, kind and fierce all at the same time. This is a rare combination – the magic bullet. So – as the Irish saying goes – may the sun always be on your face and the wind to your back.

PT, Westport, CT

Thank you for making an incredibly difficult decision easier. You are great at what you do! Thanks again!

MT, Westport, CT